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KAPSULA welcomes artists to submit original art to be used as cover images for our monthly releases.

Although it should be made clear that KAPSULA is not a platform for exhibiting contemporary art, we do wish to support the emergent contemporary art community by exposing our readership to ideas and images that are fresh, salient and speak to the spirit of our publication.

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‘NFS’ printed on a label in a gallery—it’s a fairly common sight, at least from more established artists who can afford to forgo a sale, or those who choose to ‘remove’ the work from the market for political reasons. Then, there are those immaterial, digital or even (heaven forbid) relational practices that leave only traces. What are they worth and to whom?

In any case, the ephemeral, unsaleable artwork has become so prominent that the traditional art market, which values commodity over context, is becoming utterly divorced from the sociopolitical climate in which art is happening. The act of exhibiting work that is not-for-sale suggests a departure from our history of material culture and a paradigm shift in what motivates the artist to produce. Reflecting our emergence into the information age, the aesthetic value and materiality of the art object are no longer guaranteed. Contemporary art has social, pedagogical and even metaphysical properties. And, while these are all virtuous expansions that enrich the surrounding culture, they do little to reshape its stratified economy. To create a more accurate picture of an art market, we must first redefine what we consider value, how we consider labour, and perhaps (most begrudgingly) where authenticity comes into the mix.

Possible topics and sub-topics include:

(Re)Positioning artistic labour
— Professionalization of the ‘arts worker’
— Delineating activism and social practice

Rapid growth of the contemporary art market
— Paying it forward—art as investment capital
— “Art Stars”/ Celebrity and status in determining worth
— The role of auction houses as arbiters of taste

Strategies for selling the “unsellable”
— Appraising and determining authorship in performance and relational aesthetics
— Digital reproduction (where is the aura?)
— ‘Owning’ art on the Net or other distributed mediums
— The value of the act vs. the documentation

Art & Capitalism
— The ‘Exhibition Value’ of an artwork (a redefinition of use value)
— Commodification of the Artist (as opposed to the work)
— Alternative economies—Is it possible for art to exist outside a capitalist framework? In being not-for-sale, does art evade commodity fetishism?

Electronic submissions (of final papers and more tentative proposals) will be accepted until June 20th, 2014, at

For full submission details please visit the submissions page.

Fail Again,
Fake Better

13th Annual York University
Graduate Student Symposium
March 13 & 14, 2014

“All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

— Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho

Joan & Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts,
York University, Room 130 (4700 Keele St., Toronto)
8:00AM - 6:00PM

We’re pleased as pie that KAPSULA will be publishing a special issue featuring select papers and projects from the 13th Annual York U Graduate Student Symposium, Fail Again, Fake Better. This symposium features speakers engaging in broad discussions regarding the ruptures of authenticity instigated by the fake, and the productive spaces created by processes of failing in art, praxis, politics, and more.

The two day event features an artist talk with Iris Häussler, known for her narrative-based sculptural and installation practice and a keynote address by Dr. Laura Levin, Associate Professor of Theatre York University, whose research focuses on contemporary theatre and performance art, site-specific and urban intervention, photography, and performance.

FREE ADMISSION for both events.
See more details on the Facebook event page.

Questions about the event? Direct them to: ahgsay(at)gmail(dot)com