Call for
Cover Images

KAPSULA welcomes artists to submit original art to be used as cover images for our monthly releases.

Although it should be made clear that KAPSULA is not a platform for exhibiting contemporary art, we do wish to support the emergent contemporary art community by exposing our readership to ideas and images that are fresh, salient and speak to the spirit of our publication.

We look for one new cover image each month. This is an ongoing call, but submitted imagery must relate to the current call for article submissions. The current call can always be found here, on the website homepage.

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To submit, e-mail a maximum of 5 images as high resolution .tiff or .jpg attachments to

Please make sure your .jpg file is a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels at 72 dpi, but no larger than 4 MB.

Please include the following information w/ your submission:

  • Your full name
  • Your current location
  • A 50-200 word explanation of how your work relates to our current theme
  • Web, blog, or other online presence
  • Image information, including:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Dimensions
    • Date completed





In clinical psychology, “acting out” is considered a defence mechanism—a means of regaining control through a loss of control. Those who act out disrupt the social order through their immanent reshaping of its boundaries. Many contemporary artists working in performance and participatory art focus on magnifying this tenuous line between the socially acceptable and the obscene. However, the institutions that often house and fund these forms of art rely on a continual (if not vestigial) pursuit of disciplinarity, drawing categorical lines between periods, policies, terminologies, etc.

From the endless taxonomies of display in the museum to the noise ordinance of the rooftop patio, no matter the venue the revolutionary gestures of many politicized artworks are lessened by virtue of happening within or for an institutional body.

Moreover, political artwork often struggles to ‘move’ outside the niche audience or specialized knowledge of the art communities that frequent such institutions. No matter how revolutionary the work may be, it can’t incite discourse or social change if it fails to connect or intervene into a community beyond its own. In light of these perplexities, KAPSULA asks: is it possible for contemporary artists to act outside the institutional framework of the artworld?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Artists/artworks that manage to circumvent institutions
  • The line between intervention and activism
  • The complexities of community art
  • Ethics in public and large-scale performance
  • Questions of ‘commitment’ within art practice

Electronic submissions (of final papers and more tentative proposals) will be accepted until
September 1st, 2014
, at

For full submission details please visit the submissions page.


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