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Submission Guidelines & Policies for Text-based Works


Send all submissions as an attachment in .txt, .rtf or .doc format to

As explained in our mission statement, submissions need not be limited by time period. However, all submissions should have relevance to critical issues in contemporary art or visual culture. Above all, when considering submissions for KAPSULA we look for strong writing and ideas. Any text that requires intensive grammatical and stylistic editing will not be considered for publication. If you are unsure whether the topic of your submission will be of interest we suggest contacting us with a brief abstract (no more than 200 words).

We review submissions quarterly, according to the deadline set for the current call for submissions. We aim to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks following that deadline.

We will also consider texts that have been submitted elsewhere, however we cannot 'reprint' pieces.


KAPSULA publishes monthly according to four quarterly themes. For three months, each set of "Monthlies" focuses on a particular theme announced in the call for papers. This allows for more extended deliberation and consideration of each theme, while simultaneously releasing the criticism in manageable portions.


Citations should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
Prior to submission, please see our example page.

  • Please do not use auto-formatted footnotes within word-processing programs. Instead, use a square bracketed reference number that corresponds to a list at the end of the text. It is easier for us to format plain-text versions of texts.
  • We welcome bibliographies that offer readers opportunities for further reading (again, please ensure that formatting is plain text).
  • There is no limit on the amount of footnotes or bibliographical sources, but please limit your footnotes to 75 words or less.


At the beginning of your text please ensure to list the following (in the order they appear):

  • Name
  • Institutional affiliation (if applicable)
  • Contact information (preferably email)
  • Short biography (preferably 75 words or less)


We encourage you to consider images that will compliment and enhance your text. As an arts publication, we are of the mind that our readership will respond better to a mixture of visual and textual information. As a digital publication we do not require print-quality resolution images, but we do require that you lawfully obtain permission to submit any images that are not your own.

  • Ensure images are in .jpg or .png format, no smaller than 1068 pixels wide at 72 dpi.
  • Figure captions with credits to the photographer/copyright holder should be included. Again, these captions should be listed at the end of the document or on a separate page (plain-text).
  • Please ensure that you have obtained copyright permission for the images submitted with your text. Please see our Image Permissions document.


  • -     (single hyphen) for compound words
  • --    (two hyphens) for en dash
  • ---   (three hyphens) for em dash
  • < >  (angle brackets) wrap for hyperlinked content
  • / /    (forward slashes) wrap text for italics
  • * *   (asterisks) wrap text for bold


At this time, KAPSULA does not pay writers' fees. Although we are a registered not-for-profit business, federal and provincial grant programs do not allow award money for publications to be spent on anything aside from print and production costs or marketing. And, because we offer all content for free without advertisements, we generate no revenue. However, KAPSULA is mindful of the problematic nature of free labour, and we are continually working towards a funding structure, and a sustainable one at that.

Recently, thanks to one of our esteemed donors, we were able to launch the Lisa Visser Writer's Fund which allows us to award one honorarium to a solicited author for each quarterly theme and builds toward a potential compensation model for the magazine. However, this fund is based solely on editorial purview and is not open to application through our regular calls for submissions.

In the meantime, KAPSULA realizes that the greatest compensation it can give to its valued contributors is exposure. As such, we offer all contributors advertising through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). For each contributor, we're able to post, tweet and/or send a note to our subscribers about: upcoming exhibitions, calls for submissions, research projects or recent awards.

Contributors may send their announcements directly to, using these guidelines:

  • Full copy for your announcement with desired formatting
  • 250-500 words
  • Any images to include as .jpg, 72dpi, 375 x 500 px max.
  • Text to be hyperlinked should be written as:
    text to link [url]
Please note: Ads/announcements will only be accepted if we have already agreed to publish your work.


Contributors to KAPSULA are responsible for ensuring that any direct quotes, citations or any information otherwise presented as fact in their writing has been verified to the best of their knowledge and with due diligence in identifying the correct source. As a small, independent publication, we currently do not have the resources to fact-check submissions, and as such, contributors will be held accountable should any component of their research come under dispute. Although KAPSULA does not wish to inhibit our contributors from expressing their viewpoints, it is important that our publication serve as a platform for the debate of ideas and not whether something is fact or fiction.

Once a submission has been accepted for publication, our editors review the piece and send it back to the contributor to make necessary changes and sign-off on any revisions before the piece goes to production. By signing off in writing on the revisions to a submission, contributors certify that their writing has been fact-checked and indemnify KAPSULA against legal responsibilities that may arise from the publication of said submission.

Cover Image Submission Guidelines

KAPSULA welcomes artists to submit original art to be used as cover images for our monthly releases.

Although it should be made clear that KAPSULA is not a platform for exhibiting contemporary art, we do wish to support the emergent contemporary art community by exposing our readership to ideas and images that are fresh, salient and speak to the spirit of our publication.

We look for one new cover image each month. This is an ongoing call, but submitted imagery must relate to the current call for article submissions. The current call can always be found on the website homepage.

If you're not already a subscriber, we recommend you acquaint yourself with our past issues in the archives.


E-mail a maximum of 5 images as high resolution .tiff or .jpg attachments to

Please make sure your file is a minimum of 1068 pixels wide at 72 dpi, but no larger than 4 MB.

Please also include the following information w/ your submission:

  • Your full name
  • Your current location
  • A 50-200 word explanation of how your work relates to our current theme
  • Web, blog, or other online presence
  • Image information, including:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Dimensions
    • Date completed

in partnership with SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre)

KAPSULA Magazine invites writers to submit texts that explore the notion of “spaceless place”—an identity unbound to fixed geographical location. In the current moment, it has never been more true that a sense of place does not rely on one address or set of coordinates: as an entirely digital, online publication, KAPSULA finds its space wherever bandwidth allows. Our partner on this project finds similar merit in multiplicity, as outlined below, choosing to program events and exhibitions nomadically.

This themed issue of KAPSULA is being produced in partnership with SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre), the only artist-run centre in Canada dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary art by South Asian and diasporic artists. Over its 22 years of operation, SAVAC has worked without a gallery space, opting instead to work in collaboration with artist-run centres, venues, organizations, etc. to host its programming. Taking into consideration SAVAC’s signature “spaceless” model, writers are asked to engage with SAVAC’s archives in tandem with the theme, and consider topics such as:

  • The significance of location and/or belonging to South Asian and diasporic artists
  • The aesthetics of lost, invisible, or unreachable places
  • The creation of alternative spaces through collaborative engagements
  • Building alliances through art practice
  • The act of reclaiming space in contemporary art
  • Recognizing micro-communities that exist within wider communities
  • Marginalized spaces as sites of empowerment and resistance
  • SAVAC’s place in relationship to Canada’s wider artist-run ecology

Writers are welcome to reflect on the theme in connection to any artist, work, exhibition, video program, or collaboration SAVAC has supported during its history. Staff will be available to aid selected writers in accessing archival material upon request.

An archive of SAVAC’s past programs, including screenings, workshops, events, and exhibitions can be found here.

Submit abstracts, finished texts, and project proposals by e-mail to by midnight on June 15th, 2016.

Selected writers will be offered a modest honorarium for their work. Final articles should be 2,000 words or less.

We encourage all potential contributors to review our submission guidelines.


Nearly three years ago, four comrades sat at a sticky table to discuss a crisis in art criticism: something missing in the production and dissemination of contemporary arts writing that limited opposition and experimentation. KAPSULA was born to provide a space for critical, experimental texts—and although our content represents a range of formats and perspectives, we’ve never lost sight of the importance of leaving a little extra room for the margins. With change on the horizon, we’re taking the opportunity to look back.

Starting September 2016, KAPSULA will no longer be releasing regular monthlies to our subscribers. Opting instead for a collaborative, projects-based publishing model, you won’t be getting rid of us too easily; however, to mark THE END of KAPSULA as we know it, we ask writers to consider the idea of finality in both contemporary art and criticism. Modern art famously boasted its own demise, pronouncing THE END with each stroke of a brush. We’d like to venture that resonances of the modern death drive appear and re-appear across contemporary practices, always packaged differently according to disciplinary context. Selected texts will be published in a longer, compendium issue of the magazine, ceremoniously punctuating the end of an era.

And as a nod to the last three years, through which the magazine, arts writing, and the broader network of arts disciplines have undergone significant changes on varying scales, we’re asking writers to highlight a topic specific to the period that KAPSULA has been produced: 2013 – 2016. What, in the broad sense, has led us to THE END? Topics may be international in scope, but must fulfill the thematic and calendrical restrictions. Whether it’s an exhibition, a text, an artwork, or a seemingly unprecedented phenomenon in the art world, we ask that it be dated no earlier than 2013 and speak to the concept of finality in art. We made it this far without literalizing the magazine into a time CAPSULE, but awash with sentiment, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Submit abstracts, proposals and finished papers to by June 30th, 2016.

As always, we strongly encourage you to view both our archive and our guidelines prior to submission.