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As a not-for-profit organization, KAPSULA relies on your support to advance the climate of online art publishing in Canada and beyond.

Subscribing to KAPSULA is free, and we intend to keep it that way. However, none of our staff are paid and our contributors generously agree to publish their content without monetary compensation. Their provocative and often experimental articles, essays and interviews represent the necessity for publications like KAPSULA that strive to provide a platform for the reception and debate of fresh ideas in art writing.

We encourage you to consider a monthly donation plan of 3, 5 or 10 dollars (CAD). These small but consistent contributions are key in keeping this truly one-of-a-kind publication going.

How will my money be used?

KAPSULA PRESS is a non-profit organization that relies on donor support to continue publishing monthly, and always for free. The money you donate today will go toward:

  1. Organizing future educational and networking events for KAPSULA’s local readership
  2. Providing writers and artists with honoraria for their efforts
  3. Sustaining KAPSULA’s online presence
  4. Promoting KAPSULA through advertisement to maintain its steady growth in readership and scope, giving more writers and artists the opportunity to publish

Donations to KAPSULA may also fund future special projects such as printed special editions of the publication, panel discussions, exhibitions and podcasts.

How are payments processed?

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Monthly Giving

The Scout (Level 1) $3/mo.


Curious, diligent and forward-thinking. The Scout is a friend of the Magazine who wishes to support the emergent field of digital art publications.

Incentive: A complimentary listing and hyperlink on our website.

The Skipper (Level 2) $5/mo.


Savvy, loyal and adventurous. The Skipper is invested in the well being of the Magazine and dedicated to helping it grow. Greater things are just over the horizon.

Incentive: The above and quarterly issues of KAPSULA DIGEST, a compilation of research notes, readings, process work and other supplementary content to our issues.

The Sidekick (Level 3) $10/mo.


Collaborative, committed and fearless. The Sidekick is a partner and an investor. S/he shares the innovative vision of the Magazine and gives generously to share in its success.

Incentive: All the above and a limited edition print by a local artist (honoured annually). E-mail for details.

The Spearhead (Level 4) $25/mo.


Philanthropic, eager and imaginative. A benefactor and a trailblazer, the Spearhead wants to be involved and partner with the Magazine on new investments and initiatives.

Incentive: All the above and artistic and/or editorial input towards the Magazine's activities.

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One-time Giving

KAPSULA understands that money doesn’t grow on trees, and that every cent donated comes from the bottom of your heart. If you’re not really a long-term commitment type of person, don't sweat it. You can make a one-time donation in the amount of your choice and we'll still love you all the same.


Lisa Visser Writers Fund

This fund is in memory of Canadian artist Lisa Visser and reserved for soliciting emerging arts writers, locally and abroad, to create text-based works that complement our quarterly themes. While KAPSULA will continue to derive most of our month-to-month content from our quarterly calls for submission, this fund provides us the opportunity to invite writers from outside our current networks and further define the editorial vision of the magazine. Each commissioned writer will receive an honorarium of $75.00 CAD as well as a feature in our online archive.

About Lisa Visser


Lisa Visser, who passed away in August of 2013 at age 29, was a warm, charismatic, and critically minded emerging artist and curator. She had an admittedly “difficult” relationship with the art world, focusing her interdisciplinary and collaborative practice on issues of communication, control, contemporary feminism, and animality. Lisa completed her Masters of Fine Arts at OCAD University in 2011 and was an avid yoga instructor and practitioner.

To honour Lisa’s spirit and commitment to her practice, commissions in her name will be considered based on a demonstrated ability by writers to engage with contemporary art and visual culture in a critical, reflexive manner while maintaining a distinct voice and linguistic style.

You can read more about Lisa’s lasting influence on the arts community here.